The Bloomer Sno-Hawks Snowmobile Club is located in Bloomer Wisconsin.


The Bloomer Snow Hawks are one of the larger clubs in Chippewa County. Our Club was started in 1994 taking over the duties of the trails from the Bloomer Moonliters that was started in the early 1970s. we maintain about 80 miles of funded trails and with that we have around 150 Landowners. We OWE them a BIG Thank You for their permission. SO THIS IS WHY ALL SNOWMOBILERS NEED TO RESPECT THEM AND STAY ON THE MARKED TRAILS WHEN THEY OPEN! 


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Membership Dues are only $20.00/year and NO CHARGE for Volunteers. Also Landowners that ask to be members their dues are paid by the club.

We will keep track of the Covid situation and go month to month on our meetings and events. Our monthly meetings to be the 3rd Thursday of the month from October to March at 7pm at numerus locations. Keep informed on this site of or Face Book page. 

 Our April 16th meeting will be 8pm at the Back 40 Bar.

Also taking new members. Make check out to Sno-Hawks and send to 1608 Queen St. Bloomer, Wi. 54724. 

Questions, call 715-568-2570


 Members that have not renewed their dues will be removed from our mailing list.

Chippewa County snowmobile trails are CLOSED until futher notice. Please STAY ON MARKED TRAIL and ride safe.