Meeting: Friday: February 21st at White Birch: 8:00pm

                                                                             Feb. 2020 newsletter

                                          February meeting Feb. 21st, 2020 8pm at the White Birch

        Well, we’re over halfway with our season. They just seem to go by so fast. At least we were able to get some early snow this season! Thanks to all the volunteers that marked and maintained and the groomers that took care of the trails. I know it was a little hectic at the beginning with the weather and a lot of corn. But we got it done. I also would like to say thanks to Boaters Choice (Matt Asplund) and Everything Hemp (Jim Kleingartner, Trout Creek)) for monetary donations to the club and to Chippewa Valley Excavating (Damian Prince) for donating time and equipment for trail work.

      At our January meeting the CVSO report was given. The John Deere Groomer has been sold. They want us to be careful as to what club’s post on the social media. We don’t want to be giving the sport any negative comments. If you see a snowmobiler doing something that they should not be doing, just try to get his sled number and/or info to report it. I know this would be very hard to do. Don’t confront the people. It may make it worse.

     The Sno-Hawks discussed issues on this year’s Vintage show, being this date is the same day as a benefit for Brian Bleskacek. With the thinking that we will not get a good turnout, this event will be canceled for this year. We voted to have the vintage sled that we were raffling off to be taken to the benefit and anything made above $400.00 will be going to the benefit. We should take care of selling the tickets at this event. If you want to work a few hours at this benefit, call 568-2570. Let me know as soon as you can.

       Our Appreciation Party went very well with serving over one hundred people. The door prize winners were Shelly Urban winning the Sno-Hawks apparel, Donna Hilger an Air Fryer, Jeanie Kettner an Air Fryer, Curtiss Berg, the Trimmer and thanks to Brian Kempen (member) who refused his door prize so it could go the next Landowner drawn which was Julie Ruf, who won the big screen TV. The Landowners that did not make it to the party was sent a gift card.  I liked doing the door prizes this way.

       At our February meeting we’ll be discussing donations from the club. AWSC Convention coming up March 20th – 22nd in Middleton. We will pay for a club member. Let me know if you are interested. Also, this is the month for election of officers. IF, I’m reelected, I want to make a comment here. I’ve been the president for going on 22 years and sad to say that I may be starting to burn out. I’m going to be asking for help on events and projects and or duties. Again, it was my choice to do the events and such.  If there are no volunteers to help with these or any new ones, we may not be doing them. We’ll see! I may be asking for help or someone to take over our Membership Roster/list, landowners list, update landowners year to year, keep up with the Land use Agreements, addressing, stuffing and apply stamps to envelopes to Landowners twice a season, pick meeting places, PR in the local paper, magazine, newsletter, update web and Face Book, Safety Ride, Weiner Roast, Parade, Fair Booth, getting & returning tables at fair, map ads, Light up the park. I realize that we need not do all these events, but they are nice to get our name out there!  There may be others also that I’m forgetting. Anyway, hope to see you at the meeting. Don’t forget the Sno-Hawks Scholarship. You need to get the Application from the club, not school. March meeting will be at Back 40.

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